Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wedding Preparation For Autumn and Laban

I decided to start this blog with Autumn's bridal shower. The party is going on behind us.  She was so blessed with many gifts.

Here is a peek inside of each day before the wedding.
Sunday we spray painted a heart mobile for some decorations.

Monday we made peach smoothies and also put a bushel of peaches in the freezer...

Melissa also helped with the smoothies.

 Mother came and helped us work green beans...

 and Autumn worked on tomatoes while I packed
 jars and kept the canner  going. 

Someone needs a break. 

Wednesday was the day Terry and Autumn grilled chicken.

Terry, Autumn and I chopped up the chicken for the burritos.

Wednesday evening all the children were home so we had a picnic along the river. You can see the excitement on these two love birds faces anticipating getting married.

Roasting marshmallows.

At the picnic I kept busy with grandchildren.

 Jack Boone and Rowen Milan

Thursday we set up the church.
(Sorry I forgot to take pictures)

 Friday Autumn and Roxanne picked flowers for the wedding. We also had a big crew at the church cutting and dicing food.

Autumn and I sure had a fun week getting ready for the wedding. 
Thanks to everyone who helped.

Wedding Day
 Autumn and Rowen just before the wedding.

 Mr and Mrs. Laban Sensenig.

 I sure enjoyed helping with Asher and Brighton.  Their stay in Virginia was just way too short.

 Toddle-do! Sister Rebecca giving her good bye.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time is quicly passing

I just finished "Gradiation"
 Rowan Milan with the baby quilt I made her.

She is our forth grandchild whom
 has made her way into our hearts. 
 Rowen Milan 

This was my Bible school treat.  The cracker, pretzel and candy corn represented the sacrifice Abraham offered to God

Terry, Christian, Laban, Autumn and I
went hiking to Humpback Rock.

When we got home we grilled hamburgers and
 ate our supper outside.

It has just about been a year since Rebecca and Abe were married.  Now here in a mouth we will have another wedding,
Autumn and Laban will be getting married.
  One thing Autumn wanted for her wedding was a signature quilt.  The two of us worked together on the quilt.
1.Cutting out leaves.

2. Getting the trunk of the tree ready to applique


4. Autumn with the quilt and ready for
 signatures and ready for her wedding.

Autmun's wedding dress needed some altering. 
It is all done and just waiting for July 25.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Christmas Quilt Pattern

This Christmas Table runner is featured in my new book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars, 
which will be released in August.

I will be teaching this class June 6 or June 12 in Bridgewater, VA.  
For more information check out Quilting By The River 

BOOK RELEASE IN AUGUST.  All the quilts in this book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars are made from one simple block.

Cubes and Stars

Large stars and small star

 Graduating background colors
• 1 easy-to-sew block makes 8 stunning projects
• Change the fabric placement for unique designs
• Color in a provided line drawing to design your own triangle-star quilts

Thursday, May 14, 2015

 As A Quilter
This week I will start quilting a wall quilt. 
 Does anyone have a name for the quilt?

 The triangle block which is used in the above quilt is the same block used in "Surprise Package".  This quilt will be in my new book Amazingly Simple Triangle Stars which will be released in August.

The quilt is safety pinned and ready to machine quilt.

This weekend I went to North Carolina and Tennessee to teach and lecture.  I was thrilled to meet two ladies in different states that made my Star Shuffle quilt pattern. This is Mary.

This is Lucy with her Star Shuffle quilt.

This is an old Farmer's Delight quilt which was
 purchased at a local auction.

Here is my Grandmother's Farmer's Delight
with only one ring of triangles.

 My rendition of Farmer's Delight.

Life on the Farm
 Mother and I were ordering our food at Chick-fil-A when we ran into Deb, a friend of mine, from Patchwork Plus.  We invited her to join us for lunch.  Thanks Deb for a wonderful visit.

 Here is my mother with her cousin Shelly and his wife Evie.  The picture is a oil painting mother painted for them years ago.  Listening to them reminisce was so interesting and entertaining.

 This was a surprise bridal shower
Patchwork Plus had for Autumn.  She was so surprised.  They have been a blessing to her.

Autumn found a bee hive on our fence post.

 We had an experienced bee keeper come and
 transport the bees to his home. It was interesting to watch how he got the bees in the box.  When the queen bee and most of the bees were in the box the lid was placed on top.  In about 30 minutes the rest of the bees were in the box.